Calgary, Alberta, Canada

dinosaur provincial parkDinosaur Provincial Park is a World Heritage Site and wonderful tourist attraction.

It is located in the valley of the Red Deer River, which has incredible badland topography.  The park is widely renowned for being one of the greatest dinosaur fossil beds in the world.  A total of thirty-nine different dinosaur species have been discovered in the park.  The surrounding ecosystem includes prairie grasslands, badlands, and riverside cottonwoods.

Animal life is abundant, including coyotes, rabbits, mule deer, pronghorn, various types of snakes, and over 165 different bird species can be seen in the spring and summer months.  The dinosaurs that lived here were extraordinarily diverse and an enormous breeding population is thought to have inhabited this land.  Daily tours are affordable and great for exploring the fossil grounds, learning the history of
land formations, and venturing deep into the badlands.  It is a great experience for any family.