Chocolate Hills Location

chocolate hillsThe Chocolate Hills is an extremely unusual geological formation found in the Philippines.  The grounds consist of 1,176 hills spread over an area of 20 square miles.  The hills are covered with grass part of the year and turn brown during different seasons.  This is how the name Chocolate Hills was coined.  They give an amazing view and are a major tourist attraction in the Philippines.  The land has become the country’s 3rd National Geological Monument.  The vegetation of the Chocolate Hills is dominated by various grass species and ferns.

The flat lands are used for cultivating cash crops.  No one knows for sure what created the hills, but hypotheses include limestone weathering, sub-oceanic volcanism, or an uplift of the seafloor.  This area has one of the world’s most spectacular sceneries and certain areas have been developed into resorts for tourism. There are numerous lodges and lookout points on the hills.